Cross boarders (Road Freight)

All cross border consignments require a cross border permit when travelling by road. There are a number of requirements which a road freight company needs to adhere to if they want to effectively transport goods across the border into another country. If you were to transport a consignment exceeding 3500 kilograms you would be required to obtain a cross border permit.

Cape Trans-Afriq Global is constantly updating our cross border road transport permits to ensure that we give our loyal customers peace of mind when we transport their consignments across the border and into another country. We transport fresh produce, frozen, chilled, dry cargo, consolidated cargo, dangerous goods as well as project cargo via road freight into any country and ensure that all permits are in order before we do so, so as not to put the customer’s shipment at risk.

We have five decades worth of expert experience in cross border deliveries and road freight shipments. Our longstanding partnerships throughout the world afford Cape Trans-Afriq Global the ability to provide highly competitive prices on cross border road freight deliveries. Our efficient services include compiling the right documentation, identifying the right vehicle to transport your shipment, affordable price negotiation and the guarantee of safe arrival. We also ensure that you are able to communicate with the shipper as your consignment is moved towards its destination.

For an impeccable cross border road freight service, whether it’s a quote or booking a shipment, please contact us.

Our accreditations

Our quality and service are frequently recognised by external organisations. Many of these awards and accreditations are made on a national basis – an overview of these can be found on our country websites.